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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Some of the things you and I probably ought to be thankful for

1) Salvation – Christ offers unmerited forgiveness for sin.
2) Guidance in the Christian life, from the Bible, other Christians, in groups, or one-on-one, and in various media. Guidance from the Holy Spirit. Chances to guide others, as God has led you.
3) The ability to think reasonably clearly, to learn new things, and to read and hear new information.
4) Living in a country where many things are available to us, which are not available to many others in the world, such as being able to speak, assemble, and worship freely. A political system, that, with all its faults, is better than that of most of the people in the world.
5) Your family, with all of its faults.
6) The ability to earn a living, or to retire in reasonable comfort, especially in comparison to most of the people in the world.
7) A good church, with good fellowship, opportunity to worship, serve, give and receive good teaching.
8) Good health. If we become disabled tomorrow, or already are, we’ve probably had many years of good health, more than some people ever have. Even if we’ve always been disabled, we’ve had health enough for some life.
9) Possessions which help keep us sheltered and safe, fed, clothed, and allow us to go places, and communicate with others, as necessary, or as desired, even at great distances.
10) Opportunity to minister through my church, and as I am able, in my own circumstances, outside the church.
11) Innocence, beauty, humor and fun, intimacy, holiness, and other good things that God invented.
12) A good and diverse world, well-planned, with energy, Oxygen, water, DNA, RNA, protein, the other elements and compounds we need to live, and beauty and variety of form, sound, color, taste, smell and action.

May God forgive me for not being thankful enough.

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