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Monday, June 11, 2018

Answers in Genesis: There really is a red shift, and the universe is expanding

Two articles by Danny Faulkner, head astronomer of Answers in Genesis, the leading young-earth creationist organization, have recently been published. They both appeared in the science-oriented on-line periodical of Answers in Genesis, Answers Research Journal. They may be found here and here . (Note: these are technical papers. I'm a scientist, but not an astronomer, and I didn't understand some parts of these articles.)

The sum and substance of these two articles is the following, from the abstract of the first paper: "Many recent creationists appear to oppose the Hubble relation, the expansion of the universe, and/or cosmological redshifts of quasars. Here I examine these three topics. There are good reasons for accepting all three."

I appreciate Faulkner's honesty, and that of Answers Research Journal, in publishing these articles. Faulkner has not suddenly given up young-earth creationism, but he has challenged his fellow young-earthers to critically examine their beliefs about cosmology, and to explain an expanding universe within the framework of a recently created universe. (I'm not sure that that is possible.)

See also my post, "What's wrong with young-earth creationism," which was written before I knew of Faulkner's work in this area. Thanks for reading.

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