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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sunspots 868

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to others*:

Christianity:  (and other religions) Christianity Today points out recent advances in religious freedom in five countries.

Relevant reports that women are more accepted as pastors than they used to be.

Finances: Relevant reports on a study finding that the children of women who are given money have more  vigorous brain development.

Health: The Scientist reports that some mild cases of what seems to be COVID are actually a placebo effect, in reverse.

NPR has information on how to pick a good mask, where to buy them, if you aren't using one from the government, and how (or not) to re-use them.

Science: The Scientist reports on beetle larvae that can jump.

Gizmodo reports on a disease that is usually fatal to rabbits. It's spreading.

Gizmodo also reports on a study indicating that some microorganisms can live well at 250 degrees F.

Sports: NPR reports that the first woman drafted by the NBA (she chose not to sign), who was also the first woman to score points in Olympic basketball, has died.

The graphic used in these posts is from NASA, hence, it is free to use like this.

*I try not to include items that require a password or fee to view.

Thanks for reading.

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