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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Colors: Yellow

Yellow is the color of gold. Sulphur is yellow. It is the color of butter and the spreads which replace it. It is the color of the sun. (The color of stars indicates something about their physical states.) Even though the sun is yellow, sunlight can be separated into all the colors of the rainbow.

I found only four uses of yellow in the Bible. Three of them are from Leviticus 13:30-36, which describes how to diagnose a person with a serious skin disease. (Look for yellow hair) The other reference compares the worshipper to the gold-colored feathers of a dove.

Here's the Wikipedia article on yellow.

Many flowers are yellow. Not only are flowers yellow, but most or all pollen is yellow. Yellow is, thus, associated with spring. The daffodils/jonquils/whatever you call them are in bloom here as I write. (Common names for living things are fine, but not everybody uses the same one for the same thing. That's why scientific names are important.)

Yellow tends to disappear, at least against a white background. Here's the color I decided to use for this post: yellow. Even that isn't very clear on the white background I am typing on. This color: yellow (Which, to me, is a true yellow. Whoops! I know, there isn't any such thing.) is almost invisible. There's a lesson in there, I guess. Generally, I shouldn't try to stand out, but to blend in.

Yellow has some negative connotations. It's the color of caution lights. It's the color of cowardice. But, as in daffodils, the sun, and butter, it has positive connotations, too. Let's not forget the school bus. Is that negative or positive? Positive, I hope.

Go out and look at the sun. Carefully. Don't look directly at it.

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