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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Christian Carnival, June 29 05

The latest Christian Carnival is here. It looks good, although I'm posting this without having read any of the items.

The hostess says one of the posts "is part of a series explaining the phenomenal growth of Christianity in the first four centuries of the common era by looking at the role of women in the early church."

There's a post on what Free Will really means, and another on being slaves of coffee. There's another on the appropriateness of words like "darn," and "jeez." There's one on Biblical perspectives on our attitudes and response to poverty. There's a post on learning about God from nature, and one on why Paul said so little about baptism, and one that is described as being about how "religion shapes science."

Like I said, these (and others) look good, and I think I've talked myself into reading at least those described here.

Thanks for reading, if anyone did.

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