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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Profile Change

I changed the wording around my picture, on the right, a little. It now reflects the fact that, although I am (I hope) on the payroll for a month or two yet, and covered under the health insurance plan for the rest of June, I have no official duties that I am aware of at my former place of employment.

I finished teaching a biology class for non-majors yesterday. It was a very small group. Started with four, ended with three students. Among other things, we took a field trip to the Greenville, SC, Zoo. It had been a decade or more since I had been, and I was impressed. Not with the quantity of animals--they don't have a lot. No bears, so far as I could tell, for instance. But I was impressed with the landscaping and the signs. The place looks good. One of my former students works there, and we happened upon her. She corrected me on one fundamental fact, and told us that elephants (her specialty) need a lot of foot care. Since she mentioned it, I guess they would have to. They put a lot of pressure on those feet. I enjoyed the class--the whole class, not just this field trip. I hope the students did.

God has been good to me. Most of my classes, most of my students, all of my colleagues, and most of my duties have been enjoyable.

So what's next? Well, for one thing, I guess I'll post on. Thanks for reading.

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