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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Queen Anne's Lace flower

Queen Anne's lace, young flower

My wife took this picture. The plant is Queen Anne's Lace, also known as wild carrot. If you pull one up by the roots, later in the year, you can see (and even smell) why. This is definitely a carrot relative. My wife chose to take this picture, of what was then a flower early in its life, because, as she said, it's got more character than a later one, which would be a solid disk of white. At this time of year, some fields are full of these flowers, and they are very common along roadways. The link has further information, including that the plant is an import from Europe.

William Carlos Williams, physician and poet, wrote "Queen-Anne's Lace," a poem. He mentions a purple spot in the otherwise white floral disk. I have seen this. Here are some comments on his poem.

If you want a higher-resolution picture, you can get it by clicking on the picture, then finding the different sizes link, at the right, in the source page. (Free Flickr membership may be required.)

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