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Friday, July 22, 2005

The Bioethics of C. S. Lewis

I'm tooting my own horn here, and also that of C. S. Lewis, which deserves it more, but doesn't need it. Besides, he's dead.

While on sabbatical at Bryan College from my appointment at Southern Wesleyan University, I attended the annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation, an association of scientists who are Christian. In conjunction with that meeting, I presented a paper, "A World is Not Made to Last Forever: The Bioethics of C. S. Lewis," which was subsequently published in the Journal of the ASA, now known as Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. Whoever controls the posting for this article cannot be convinced that my name is LaBar--a different spelling is given. I did write it, though.

Since the ASA has copyright, I am not posting the article, just this reference to it.

By bioethics, I meant both medical and environmental applied ethics. I wrote about Lewis' views, as I understood them from his writing, on what makes something a person, contraception, treatment of animals, and other issues. References are given to both fictional and apologetical writing by Lewis.

Lewis wasn't God, but his views were, and are, influential.

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