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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Martin LaBar and the Half-Recycled Blog Post

I haven't read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yet, and don't expect to until the paperback comes out, or the local library finally gets to my name (the 52nd one, at the moment) on the request list.

There is some controversy in the blogosphere over whether the new pope (before he became pope) condemned Harry Potter or not. Jeffrey Overstreet has commentary on that at Christianity Today's Reel News. The current complaints against the books seem to mostly come from here.

I'm not convinced that the Rowling books are strictly tools of the devil*, and, more importantly, neither is everyone else. See here for an older post giving links on this topic.

Christianity Today has posted a chapter of John Granger's Looking for God in Harry Potter. (Granger thinks He can be found there.) The chapter is about the use of animals as symbols in Christianity, and in the Harry Potter books.

Beliefnet has a thought-provoking post on prophecy and Harry Potter, in particular, on how you might act if someone had prophesied about what you are supposed to do.

*A lot of things, including, say, blogging, if it prevents me from doing something else I should be doing, can be a tool of the devil.

Thanks for reading.

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