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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm not Andy Rooney, but . . .

Andy Rooney usually complains about something. My response, as a very occasional viewer, is that I should have thought of that first. Well, here I am, a poor imitation. I don't expect any pay for this.

Why are there "Sports Bars?" A Sports Bar is an oxymoron--as I understand it, the people in Sports Bars just sit there, watch TV, and drink.

Did you ever think that golf is the only sport where the spectators don't usually sit down, and often have to move? Shouldn't hockey, tennis, basketball, or football fans have to stand and move, too?

Why do mail carriers in the US sit on the wrong side of their vehicles?

Why do people in mall or big store parking lots just sort of shove their carts into the corral, rather than pushing them in and telescoping them, so that they occupy as little space as possible? (Or not even use the cart corral, sometimes when it's close?)

Why do auto mechanics adjust the driver's seat, even to move a car less than 20 feet? Why can't they just let it be? (They also often change the radio station.)

Why is a law designed to let the authorities look into people's affairs with less restrictions than usual called "The Patriot Act?"

Why are so many school kids in the US above average, or special, according to the bumper stickers of their parents?

Why do news broadcasts spend so much time telling us what they're going to tell us, and so little telling us? (Exceptions: NPR and PBS--usually)

Why do a couple of people bitten by sharks get national coverage, when hundreds or thousands killed by drunken drivers, speeding drivers, or drivers with no driver's license make just local news, if that?

Why do US freeways have speed limits for trucks that are 10 or 15 mph slower than for cars? Such limits don't seem to ever be enforced.

Why is a US hospital emergency room so called? It should be a 24-hour care room, or health triage room, or health care room for people who don't have health insurance. And let's not even start on why we don't have universal coverage . . .

Why do we spend so much for US hospitals, and so little for schools? The hospitals are continuously under construction, and the technology is up-to-date. The schools are falling down, and many classrooms are technological disaster areas--if the Taliban had done this to us, we'd be sending in the troops.

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