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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Prayer Request

I am well aware that there are people suffering a great deal more than the persons I am requesting prayer for. There are small children from the U. S. who have had both parents, and, in some cases, even more than two parents, considering the way families are often structured in our time, sent away on military assignments. There are many spouses who have been separated for long periods of time. There are many in the military who have been sent into grave danger.

In addition, there are people who have lost everything in a tsunami, or an earthquake, or a hurricane, and people who have never heard the gospel. All these, and many others, deserve my prayer and sympathy, and, perhaps, some of my material goods.

All that being said, one of our children has suddenly been given a new military assignment, a few hundred miles from her husband and less than year-old child, probably for a few weeks, in a place not expected to be dangerous, and I am requesting prayer for all three of them.


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Jay C said...

I'll try to remember to pray for you and your family. :)