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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hats off to the American Bible Society

The American Bible Society* isn't perfect, of course, but they are doing a good job, and have been for years.

*The organization has this great URL: See here for Wikipedia article on the organization.

The American Bible Society is one of many Bible societies, in many countries.

The ABS has a long history. It was founded in 1812. Its periodical, the American Bible Society Record, is the second-oldest continuously published publication in the United States. It began publication in 1818. ( The New England Journal of Medicine, arguably the most important medical periodical in English, began in 1812.)

The ABS is known for providing Bibles and scripture portions. It currently offers 16 different English translations and many Bibles in other languages. Thanks to the generosity of donors, these are at low cost. The Society has been a leader in making the Bible available in modern English, and in language that can be read and understood by persons who do not have an advanced reading level. Their cheapest Contemporary English Version Bible currently sells for $4.99, plus any necessary shipping costs and sales taxes.

The organization also furnishes For Ministry, which, they say, has allowed 25,000 churches to produce their own web sites, without requiring much computer knowledge.

The Society has worked hard, in recent years, to reach the inner cities and immigrant groups.

The ABS works with many different denominations and other groups. It is part of a drive to make the Bible available to all of the approximately 6,400 of the world's languages -- about 4,000 do not have this at present.

Thank you, American Bible Society.

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