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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sunspots 89

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

A proposal that, like Newton's laws, we should recognize Einstein's laws.

A United Nations report says that livestock are responsible for more greenhouse gases than automobiles are.

You've probably forgotten the Y2K bug scare, but Garrison Keillor hasn't. The top of the page is a poem, which is also fine, but doesn't have anything to do with Y2K, except that both of them relate to New Year's Day.

J. R. R. Tolkien was born on this date in 1892*. See here and here for more information about Tolkien.

A solid discussion of shame.

Keith Drury on "How the Internet is Changing Denominations."

Joe Carter on the beliefs of the founding fathers. He concludes that most of them would now be classified as Unitarian.

This week's Christian Carnival is here. (For information on locating these Carnivals, see here.)

When I don't tell where I found an item above, I either found it directly, or was probably pointed to it by the Librarian's Internet Index, SciTech Daily, or Arts and Letters Daily. All of these sources are great.

Thanks for reading! Keep clicking away.

Image source (public domain)

*When I posted this yesterday, I mistakenly said 1891. Sorry.

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