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Monday, January 19, 2009

Following God by faith, not sight

Then the great old, young, beautiful princess turned to Curdie.

'Now, Curdie, are you ready?' she said.

'Yes, ma'am,' answered Curdie.

'You do not know what for.'

'You do, ma'am. That is enough.'

'You could not have given me a better answer, or done more to
prepare yourself, Curdie,' she returned, with one of her radiant
smiles. 'Do you think you will know me again?'

'I think so. But how can I tell what you may look like next?'

The Princess and Curdie, 1883, Public Domain, Chapter 7. (Available from Project Gutenberg)

The Princess and Curdie is a pretty good story, as story, but MacDonald's writing is also full of gems like the above, which stand alone. As in several of MacDonald's fantastic writings, there is a very old wise woman, who, at least partly, stands for God, who appears to us in all sorts of guises.

Thanks for reading. Read MacDonald.

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