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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God's best, President Obama!

Congratulations, President Obama! God help you. You will need it.

I have previously posted on what the New Testament says about what the Christian's attitude toward government should be, and also on the Old Testament. Basically, we should pray for those in authority, and, with very rare exceptions, submit to them.

God help us all.


Julana said...

Yes, he's going to need it.

Sara said...

I hope God will "make our paths straight" and enable us to walk forward with courageous and happy hearts. He holds the future and has assured us that it ends as He wishes.

Thank you for your post.

Martin LaBar said...

Thank you, ladies.

Our salvation rests not on Mr. Obama, however virtuous he may be, but on God. But God can work through political leaders (or in spite of them).