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Friday, January 16, 2009

Sounder, by William H. Armstrong

I finally got around to reading Sounder, about a boy, an African-American sharecropper, his family, his dog, and learning to read. I won't give away any all of the plot, but here's a quotation that struck me as worth noting.
"Why are you so feared for me to go?" he would ask, for now he was old enough to argue with his mother. "In Bible stories everybody's always goin' on a long journey. Abraham goes on a long journey. Jacob goes into a strange land where his uncle lives, and he don't know where he lives, but he finds him easy. Joseph goes on the longest journey of all and has more troubles, but the Lord watches over him. And in Bible-story journeys, ain't no journey hopeless. Everybody finds what they suppose to find." William H. Armstrong, Sounder. New York: Harper & Row, 1969. p. 77.

Thanks for reading. Read Sounder. The book won a well-deserved Newbery award, and was also made into a movie.

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