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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Julie & Julia: my take on the movie

No car chases, no one gets killed (or even dies), no aliens, just French cooking. Julie & Julia was hilarious! (The link is to the review on the Christianity Today movies web site. There's a real ampersand in the title. Blogger won't allow me to use one in the labels of this post. Oh, well.)

Amazing for 2009, the movie features two married couples who love each other, in all senses of the term. The story is about the wives, but the husbands are acted well, and written as supportive to the point of being saintly.

Meryl Streep was Julia Child. Amy Adams seems to have been sanitized as Julie Powell, the 2002 young married with a hopeless job who starts blogging through Child's book, but Amy Adams is cute, and the movie shows lots of (probably realistic, and really amusing, so long as you are watching someone else) frustration with the cooking. It also shows Powell realizing that she had gotten pretty self-centered. Not much of Child on TV, although there is some.

A plus for me is that Powell's blog is a major part of the movie. It's a real blog. The posts for August, 2009, are found here. (She gets a lot more comments than I do!) Powell's first post is here. (She switched hosts a few years ago.)

For those concerned about such things, both the married couples are shown having some implied sexual activity, there's a little language that I would not use, and Child and her husband (and most of the other people in the 1950s) are both shown as smokers, which they most likely were.

No one prays, or goes to church, or worships anyone but themselves, their goals, or food cooked in lots of butter, but it was an uplifting movie. It showed two women pursuing their dreams, and loving, intelligent, and supportive husbands.

I recommend Julie & Julia to you.


Lisa Stone said...

That looks like a good movie, ca't wait to see it.

Daniel Smith said...

Yes, ampersands are reserved for passing form information in URLs so they aren't allowed in them otherwise. Question marks aren't allowed either for the same reason.

You can include ampersands in web pages by typing an ampersand followed directly by the three letters "amp" itself followed directly with a semicolon. Blogger probably makes the conversion for you automatically, but if you look at the source code that's what you'll find.

BTW, sounds like a good movie. The last foodie movie I watched was No Reservations. Pretty good, that one.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Lisa Stone.

Thanks for the information, Daniel Smith. The URL of this post doesn't have an ampersand in it, either.