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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Government -- is it bad for us?

The answer to the title question is, of course, yes and no. It depends on what the big government does, and on who is talking.

A recent article, posted in Politics Daily, asks "What's Wrong With Big Government?" and makes some valid and thought-provoking points. For one thing, only government agencies could have caught the New York City bomber (whose bomb didn't go off, thank God!). For another, only big government seems capable of even coming close to slowing down the excesses of Wall Street. And, as the author says, Big Oil fought successfully to keep government regulations and oversight that it didn't want, and we are now seeing the result of government not being big enough in the Gulf of Mexico. Says the author: "How else can we protect our communal resources from corporate error and overreach? Have Tea Partiers rent boats and go out to rigs and inspect the facilities on their own?"

Government has its place. It's not perfect, by any means, but it has its place.

I have previously posted on what the New Testament says about government and taxes. The post is mostly quotations from the Bible.

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