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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

America's view on evolution and creationism (Infographic)

The BioLogos forum recently published an infographic, which presents the relationship between various views of origins and such variables as education, church attendance, and political party. That graphic may be found here. The graphic does not print or project well, because of its elongated shape. I asked BioLogos to redo the graphic, or, failing that, for permission to modify it so that printing and projection would be easier. I received permission from a moderator of the BioLogos blog (scroll down the comments to see that permission) provided that I used the same attribution. I have done so, including the URL as part of the resulting graphics, which I present here, smaller than actual size, so as to fit in this blog. For full-sized graphics, click on whichever one you want to see:

The introductory part of the original graphic is above.

How beliefs have changed.

Beliefs by political party.

 How church attendance relates to beliefs in origins.

The credits, indicating the source of the data.

Each graphic above are available at larger size. Just click on the graphic you want.

Thanks to BioLogos, and thanks for looking and reading. Within limits, as I understand it, you can use this material. To quote the post which presented the original graphic, "We encourage you to share the graphic with anyone and everyone, but please be sure to link back to this post as its source!" Once again, here's a link to that post, or you can copy the URL which I included in each of the graphics above.

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