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Thursday, April 26, 2012

More criticism of Jerry Coyne from The Panda's Thumb

The Panda's Thumb is a prominent blog, mostly devoted to attacking the Intelligent Design (ID) movement. In my opinion, the ID movement is in need of some criticism.

Jerry Coyne, who has solid academic credentials as an evolutionary biologist, is a self-proclaimed atheist, and a militant one at that -- he wants to stamp out religion entirely. A few days ago, I wrote about a post on The Panda's Thumb that criticized Coyne. The author argued that it is possible for Christianity, or at least a belief in the supernatural, and a belief in evolution to co-exist, and gave two examples, one of them Darwin himself, of important evolutionary biologists who believed so. (I think it is possible for a believing Christian to believe that much or all of the variety in living things came about through natural selection, but that's another story.)

That same author, Nick Matzke, has written another post on that blog, again about Coyne. In this one, Matzke refers to another blog, where an upcoming article by Coyne, in which he argues for his program of eliminating religion from North American life, is criticized seriously for using poor methodology.

Come on, Coyne! You aren't an expert in religion, philosopher, or other fields! And you have proved this.

Thanks for reading.

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