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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some possible means for the origin of humans, other than by special creation

Tim Keller, a pastor, has been writing a series, entitled "Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople." This is the final post in that series. He is sympathetic to considering the scientific evidence, and believes that people have been turned off, perhaps even to the claims of Christ, because some Christians have publicly dismissed some of that evidence.

Keller has been considering the possibility that humans came about through some sort of evolutionary process.  I believe that he has answers for several objections, raised by Christians, to that possibility, although he does not have unassailable proof. In the final post, he points out, among other things, that the words used in Job 10:8-9, by Job, are similar to the words used in Genesis 2:7, describing the origin of Adam. (See here and here -- the same Hebrew word is used.)

For those concerned about such things, Keller believes in a literal Adam and Eve, who fell, and from whom all humans are descended.

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Bill G said...

Pastor Tim is wrong if you believe all the scientific evidence.

Humans (Homo-sapiens) have been roaming the earth for 200,000 years. Recent DNA studies have shown that everyone on earth (save sub-saharan Africans) has some Neanderthal genes/blood in them...this of course means that humans mated with and produced fertile off-spring with non-humans (Neanderthal DNA is different than all other humans on earth)

Short version...we descended from earlier non-humans.

Martin LaBar said...

I'm not sure how humans came about, Bill G., but Pastor Tim Keller's position, as I understand it, is compatible with the scientific evidence. There could have been a literal Adam and Eve, who were descendants of earlier non-humans.