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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sunspots 417

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Christianity: The latest issue of Answers Research Journal features three responses to a previous paper, which argued that the dominion mandate of Genesis 1 no longer applies. The responders disagree. The author of the original paper responds.

Computing: PC Image editor, a free photo editor for Windows machines.

Science: Considering its importance to us, you'd think we would know more about the genetics of coffee than we do.

National Public Radio reports on an organization that is studying the biology of coffee, and why it's important.

This isn't exactly science, but I'll put it here. NPR (which had a coffee week) also reports on the influence of coffee on history.

NPR also reports on tiny, really tiny, devices that can be placed in the body, and grab little bits of tissue for assessing, say, whether there's a cancer. Really tiny devices.

A study of cliff swallows, which seems to show a change in wing shape, over about thirty years, as a response to selection imposed by automobiles.

Image source (public domain)


Philip Smith said...

So, what do you believe about dominion?

I believe God specifically commanded all life on earth to bow before man which God commanded man to be a careful steward over.

I hope I'm understanding this correctly.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Philip Smith.

I'm not sure about bowing, or, rather, I am sure that, literally, that's not possible. How can an oyster bow? Or a snake or turtle? But I believe that the Bible indicates that humans had responsibility for all other organisms, and that that's the most important part of dominion.

Philippians 2, I think it is, says that all of them will bow (however that's done) and worship Christ. Until I read these articles, I had supposed that human dominion continues. One of the authors believes that dominion ended with the Fall. I'm not sure about that. Maybe, maybe not.