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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jesus and football

Jesus would have probably gone to football games. He seemed to enjoy being with lots of people, except when He needed to get away to be with God, and rest.

He probably couldn’t have afforded a ticket, so someone else would have had to pay for His. He probably wouldn’t have been able to afford clothing in special colors. He would have sympathized with other people, too poor or too sick to go to games.

He probably wouldn’t have cared who won, but would have been more concerned for the needs of the people around him in the stands than for who scored what, or who was headed for a college scholarship, or an NFL position, or who was ranked where, or who was going to what bowl.

He wouldn’t have hated the other team, or the referees. Perhaps He would have been disturbed by the lack of clothing of the cheerleaders, or the drunkenness of some of the fans, or the attempts by some players to injure those on the other team. He probably would have been careful to not let attendance, or watching, at a late hour, interfere with His alertness in worship, or His ability to minister effectively.

He wouldn’t have been identified by a team, or its colors, or its nickname, or its mascot. He would have been identified as the founder and Lord of the Kingdom of Heaven. Football is transitory. Eternity is not.


atlibertytosay said...


This was very insightful. Thank you for posting it.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, atlibertytosay.

Thanks for covering the LHS games. As far as I can tell, the local paper didn't so much as mention the score.

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Martin LaBar said...

Thank you, spiderman costume.