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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Let Party Names No More

    Let party names no more
      The Christian world o'erspread;
    Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,
      Are one in Christ, their Head.

    Among the saints on earth
      Let mutual love be found;
    Heirs of the same inheritance,
      With mutual blessings crowned.

    Let envy, child of hell!
      Be banished far away:
    Those in sweet fellowship should dwell,
      Who the same Lord obey.

    Thus will the Church below
      God's purpose ever prove;
    Where streams of endless pleasure flow,
      And every heart is love. - My source is here. This source says that the words were by a Benjamin Beddome, who died in 1795, which makes this public domain. The words may be sung to the tune usually used for "Blest be the tie that binds," and other tunes with appropriate meter.


FancyHorse said...

"Party names" Is that to be interpreted "parting names," or names that divide us when we should be united in Christ?

I have never heard this hymn, thank you for posting it.

Martin LaBar said...

I'm pretty sure that it's the latter -- such as "I'm one of Paul's," or "I'm a Methodist."