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Friday, August 09, 2013

Moses had a temper

Moses had to flee Egypt, because he took it on himself to punish an Egyptian who beat a Hebrew. The Bible doesn't say that Moses did this in anger. Perhaps he didn't. It also doesn't say that God told Moses to do this. It seems that Moses's first encounter with God took place later. (Exodus 3)

Exodus 11:8 says that Moses left Pharaoh's presence in anger. This was near the end of the plagues that God sent on Egypt, and there was reason for the anger--Pharaoh had promised to let the Israelites go over and over, and had recanted every time. God himself was angry with Pharaoh.

In Numbers 20:10-13, the Bible describes Moses striking the rock at Meribah, to bring out water for the Israelites. He may have been angry at this time. He didn't give God glory, according to this passage, and didn't believe in God's power.

Having a temper isn't necessarily sinful -- Jesus got angry at the people having a flea market at the temple, for example. But a selfish anger is sinful, and even Moses got caught by that.

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atlibertytosay said...

In a way, he got "discontent" when God told him he couldn't see His face in Exodus 33.

Moses also threw down the tablets and broke them when he saw what was going on in the camp.

Martin LaBar said...

Also true. Thanks, atlibertytosay.