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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Sunspots 516

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:
Christianity: (and politics, unfortunately) Never mind homosexual couples who want to marry. Patheos suggests 10 other situations where a Christian baker should refuse to participate in wedding arrangements.
A blogger at Relevant asks: "since when was worship about making me feel good?"

National Public Radio tells us some things I'm not sure I wanted to know about Easter.

Health: According to the History Channel, researchers have discovered that a 10th century remedy is effective in treating MRSA.
The New York Times says that women in the U.S. are getting too much medication, and it's not good for them, or for the rest of us.
Science: A video, about two minutes long, of rays (the large fish with "wings") jumping out of the water. One of the most amazing videos I've ever seen.

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