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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Sunspots 620

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Christianity: Christianity Today interviews an author of a study on cohabitation vs. marriage, which found that marriage is considerably better for the children involved.

It seems that Vice President Pence won't eat a meal alone with a woman other than his wife. Sojourners discusses this, and the reaction to this behavior.

(And Science) A pastor writer in Christianity Today has been in dialog with geneticists who are getting close to the possibility of producing "designer babies." He considers the morality of such activity.

Education: There is a British apostrophizer -- he adds (or deletes) misplaced apostrophes on billboards.

Health: National Public Radio reports that lonely people are more deeply affected by colds.

NPR also reports that the infant death rate has dropped significantly, world-wide, in recent years.

History: Listverse on how socks (the things we wear on our feet) changed history.

Politics: (or something) NPR reports on a man who spent 25 years in prison for crimes that he didn't commit has had his story written by a prominent TV executive. He explains his attitude, in spite of the wrong done to him.

Science: National Public Radio reports that there were far fewer cases of microcephaly, associated with the Zika virus, in Brazil, than were predicted.

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FancyHorse said...

I don't have a problem with Vice President Pence's "rule." I wish our governor followed the same rule. I think it's a wise precaution, not only against temptation, but also prevents possible false accusations.

I read about the British apostrophizer in Facebook a few days ago. Sometimes I'm tempted, but I've never corrected any signs. I have taken photos, though!

Good news about the infant death rate and the effects of the Zika virus!

Fascinating about the correspondence found at the Roman fort at Hadrian's Wall! Are you familiar with The History Blog?
There were several interesting items in that Listverse sock article.

Great story about Jerry Miller! Like a modern day Joseph. I'm grateful for the technology of DNA testing.

Martin LaBar said...

Pence's rule is a good idea.

Yes, I follow the history blog.

Thanks for your faithful comments.