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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Isn't God a great artist? part 2

lichens on maple tree bark 2

The previous post showed a colorful landscape in Arizona. This one shows a small section of tree bark in South Carolina, with about four types of lichen, exhibiting what I take as interesting shapes, growing on it. In both cases, I submit that God is a great artist. He didn't have to create all the colors and shapes that He did, or make them possible, and we didn't have to be sensitive to all the colors. (Some humans don't see all the colors that the rest of us do.)

I'm not trying to make a serious argument from design for the existence of God. That has been done. I recognize that there is at least one flaw in the previous paragraph, namely that some insects can see colors that we can't. Presumably this means that we are deprived of some beauty that we could see if we could perceive ultraviolet. What I'm mainly saying is that I am grateful for the beauty that I can see, and to God.

Thanks for reading. To see a larger photo of the above photo, click on it. To see an even larger photo, click on the little "All Sizes" magnifying glass just above the photo in its Flickr page. To read more about lichens, go here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this picture and these thoughts with the world. It's 1.30am in the UK and I can't sleep, because all I can think about is how wonderful God is. So I thought I'd go on line to share the news. However the UK christian chat-rooms don't seem to be "me-friendly" and so I put in "isn't God great" into google, and it brought me to your page. I feel at peace and at home! Sue.

Martin LaBar said...

Amazing! Thank God it helped you.

Anonymous said...

It's great to know there are like-minded people out there!

Martin LaBar said...

Lots of them. Click on over half of the "Some of the feeds I subscribe to" on the right, including Allthings2all, Claw of the Conciliator, He Lives, Intellectuelle, K's Cafe, Life in the Slow Lane, Parableman, Rebecca Writes, Speculative faith, The evangelical outpost, The Lost Genre Guild, or Wright off the Bat (a couple more are also by Christians, although not all are) or go to any of my "Sunspots" posts, and click on the Christian Carnivals.

These like-minded people don't agree with each other, or with me, on everything, but on the fundamentals, I believe.

pulmonary disease said...

Hello god is a tremendous artist he created the earth the water the sky and he created we so imagine what can of artist he can be ?

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, pulmonary disease. I don't think we can imagine the things God has created.

willy said...
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