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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

RSS Feeds that may be of interest

Picture from The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter. Public Domain, obtained through Project Gutenberg.

You may have wandered here by mistake. You may be here because you check on this page every so often. You may be subscribing to it. I recommend the latter, and I recommend Bloglines as the subscription mechanism. It is free, and provides links to all your feeds on one page. That page, showing your subscriptions, is available from any computer connected to the Internet. I confess-I can see five different comic strips at once on my page, with no ads. I can also see if there's been any recent activity in any of the personal blogs I subscribe to, perhaps including yours, all at once. Bloglines also lets you install a tool that works through Internet Explorer or Firefox, so that if you get to a page, such as a blog, that has an RSS feed (which most blogs do) you can subscribe to it easily.(There are other means of subscribing.)

So where do you get feeds? There are lots of them. The New York Times offers 28 RSS feeds. (See this page.) They include Automobiles, Business, Editorials, and Science. I subscribe to the Science feed, which gives me access to a half dozen or so posts each day. Other news organizations also have feeds. I have tried CBS and the CBC, and I suspect that CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, Reuters, and the BBC all do, but I haven't tried those. This page has about 50 National Public Radio feeds, including programs, topics, and some local stations. Most of these are links to audio, but some, like the "This I Believe" series, include the essay in text form, as well. Never miss a "Morning Edition" news story again!

RSS Compendium has a list of a few hundred sources of feeds, categorized by type, and with links. This is the best overall source I have found. has feeds on a lot of topics. Click on one of the Channels at the left, and keep clicking on sub-categories till you find something you want (I hope). If you don’t find anything under the channels, try the alphabetical list below the Channel list. There is actually a feed on Cholesterol.

Some of the channels don’t have RSS feeds, but most of them do, and you may find interesting articles even if there are no feeds. The quality is spotty. Some of their Guides post every day, and do it well, some not so often, or not so well. Even if the quality is good, clicking on the Bloglines entry doesn’t get you to the page you want, but to a page that links to the article, but you can get there eventually. I personally subscribe to a few of their feeds, including the one on Christianity, which is not evangelical, but often has some good ideas. (There are also pages on Christian Teens and Christian Music. I haven’t checked them.) As I say, there are lots, probably hundreds, of feeds, on many subjects.

Tapestry provides feeds for over a dozen popular comic strips. Other comics can be obtained in other ways.

The Window in the Garden Wall--A C. S. Lewis Blog, posts quotations from Lewis every day, and, occasionally, interesting facts about Lewis, or a link to another site.

The ESV Bible has feeds for reading the Bible through in a year and for Verse of the Day. The Bible Gateway has daily Bible verses, but doesn't feature a feed for reading the Bible through in a year.

The World History Blog has a daily feed on some aspect of history, with a link to a good article on that subject. Factmonster has a Today in History page. InfoPlease has a This Day in History page. There is a Words: Today in Literature page.

There are plenty of political blogs out there, of all types. They are the main reason that "blog" has become an important word.

Arts & Letters Daily is a gateway to serious articles, including book reviews, mostly in the humanities and current affairs. The Subscribe Favorite will yield feeds in several categories. One category is SciTech Daily, a related on-line gateway. Arts Journal is another gateway with feeds.

Blogging about Incredible Blogs does brief reviews of all sorts of blogs. The Librarian's Index to the Internet has a weekly feed of new reviewed web sites. So does Neat New Stuff.

Sports Illustrated has an RSS feed, and, no, the feed doesn't include pictures from the swimsuit issue. ESPN also has RSS feeds. Time has feeds. So does Newsweek/MSNBC. The New Yorker and The Atlantic do. Harper's does, and, yes, it includes Harper's Index, one month behind. US News doesn't. Christianity Today doesn't seem to furnish a feed at the present time.

RSS Weather has feeds for many cities in North America. For my taste, there are too many posts, but if you want the weather, that's one way to get it, without the ads from the Weather Channel.

All Recipes has daily feeds of different categories of recipes. These can be printed out in various sizes.

CowPi Quotes has a daily quote feed. Infoplease offers a feed with today in history, notable birthdays, and other goodies.

blogwithoutalibrary lists RSS feeds relating to libraries.

If you use Blogger, you should subscribe to the Blogger Status feed. It alerts you to problems, or times when Blogger won't be available, due to maintenance, and to fixes.


dwlt said...

Just to let you know, Tapestry recently relaunched , and now has links to feeds for over 30 comics (and growing!).

Martin LaBar said...

The previous commenter ought to know. He's the founder of Tapestry. As of today, May 3, 2005, there are 42 comics listed. The URL is

Thanks for the comment!