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Friday, April 08, 2005

Happy Birthday, younger child!

Today's post is dedicated to our younger daughter. I am not going to embarrass any family members with my postings on this blog (unless they are embarrassed by the content) so I won't give her name, her age, her address, or her picture. She knows who she is.

We are proud of you. You have grown up in ways we never anticipated. You have chosen to serve people who have real needs, in some cases desperate needs, as a social worker, an occupation that doesn't get much recognition or pay. You are also trying to serve God.

There are things we could have done better as parents. A few of them occur to you, no doubt. Some of them, probably mostly different, occur to us. God probably has a different list. We are sorry for where we have failed, but believe that we did well enough, and thank Him for it.
You are loyal to your friends, and to your family, including your husband. You are loyal to your church. We are proud of you, we hope in right ways. We love you!

Happy Birthday from your parents.

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