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Monday, September 12, 2005

Milestone (I think)

According to Blogger, my free host (and my fallible arithmetic) this is the 200th existing post to this blog. Thank God! (I also thank Blogger)

The hardest thing about blogging is having something worthwhile to say, and time to say it properly. Has what I posted always been worthwhile? I guess not. Sorry, if that's true.

This post, from Jan 29th, mostly a quote of C. S. Lewis, who had a lot of worthwhile somethings to say, got the most comments. This one, from Jan 28th, summarizes my view of what a Christian should think of science and the bible. (That was back when Bloglines actually searched my blog, and, perhaps, when I had more worthwhile things to say!) This one, from April 24th, lays forth my guidelines for this blog. This one, two observations from our recent trip, probably got the most important response (it was an e-mail, not a comment).

I have not posted any photos here recently. If you are interested in our public photos, many of them by my wife, they can be found here, on my Flickr site. We do have photos of scenery, and one of the two of us, from our recent trip, posted there.

Another (unfortunate) milestone was passed a couple of days ago--I got a spam comment.

I plan to post on basketball rules, when human life begins, the places we went on our recent trip, Lee Strobel's Case for Creation, the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, whether it would be a good thing to bring fictional characters to life, C. S. Lewis's mostly poor biology and his great Till We Have Faces, Hannah Whitall Smith's The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, Kinsler and Kinsler's The Biblical Jubilee and the Struggle for Life and some other stuff, not necessarily in that order, in the near future, God willing. For links on most of these topics, see this post.

I haven't kept a hit counter, or kept track of those who have contacted me in some way, but there are probably 50 or more who have done so, and, I suppose, some readers who have never contacted me. Of those who have contacted me, a substantial portion are persons I have never had previous contact with. The new contacts, and this new way to keep some old contacts, or to deepen the relationships, make the whole process worthwhile. Thanks to all of those who have looked at this blog, including you.


Catez said...

Good to see you back Martin. Here's my trackback:

Scene and Herd: 12-SEP-05


"Pick of the Week: Sun and Shield. Martin LaBar is an interesting blogger who is back from his summer hiatus and just put up his 200th post. Martin writes on various topics..."

You have a great blog and I enjoy it.

Grasshopper said...

That is so cool that you've posted 200 times. Wow! I thoroughly enjoying reading your blog daily.

Seyms said...

Congratulations, Martin. Keep up the good blogging, I enjoy popping in now and again, there is a good diversity of different topics in your blog.