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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Travel hiatus over

Thank God, we have returned home, although we enjoyed our trip immensely. (You can see some of the photographic highlights here.)

Two thoughts came to me while travelling.

One: We were not reluctant to talk to total strangers about interesting sights, and some of the strangers, like the man who told my wife that there was a gray whale in the ocean at a wayside where we stopped, felt the same way. Why am I so reluctant to tell others about Christ?

Two: We tried to get as close as possible to sights, driving, walking, or climbing so that we could see (and sometimes smell and hear). We drove several miles along mountain roads, with few barricades, to get a better view of Mount St. Helens, for example. Why am I so reluctant to get closer to God?

We thank our children, who gave us the impetus, did most of the planning and financing, for us to take a retirement trip to Washington and Oregon, where we had never been before. We also enjoyed staying with a daughter, her husband, and our grandson. I expect to say more about this trip in future posts, and also to comment on most or all of the books mentioned in the most recent post. I also note that I was, back over a month ago, planning to do some more things. Will probably get around to most of them. Thanks for reading this far!

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Brandy said...

You're back! Looking forward to new posts. Hope you had a great trip!