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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolutions for 2006 blogging

I hereby resolve to:

1) post regularly, unless, of course, I have more important things to do, or am providentially hindered

2) read at least one post, that I wouldn't have otherwise, from the Christian Carnival, every week

3) comment (if the blog allows) on every post I read, as opposed to glance at, and make sure that the comment makes it possible for the blogger to identify which post I was commenting on.

4) be charitable to views I don't agree with, and to ignorance (which isn't always the same thing!)

5) acknowledge all comments to my blog, unless the commenter hasn't left any kind of clue that allows me to do so

See also here, for previously posted guidelines for this blog, which are part of this resolution. See also my Flickr resolutions, if you wish to.

God's best in this new year. Thanks for reading.


Glenn said...

I would have a difficult time with #3. I view most of my feeds through Bloglines and so usually a glance is the most a post will get from me. You have alwys been a very gracious blogger, however, and I admire your integrity (as indicated by your stance on copyright material.) In honor of that, this li'l ol' comment is the least I can do to show my appreciation.

May you have a blessed new year!

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks. I guess I didn't make myself clear. I feel no obligation to comment on items I glance at, and meant to say so.

Thanks for your comment!