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Saturday, December 31, 2005


I started this blog in late 2004. I want to offer thanks to a number of entities, and persons. Forgive me if you are not mentioned, or not mentioned enough.

Thanks, first of all, to God, who has given me the ability to do this. Thanks to my wife, who suggested that we purchase the laptop I'm using as we type this, and who has encouraged me in doing this.

Thanks to my readers, whether regular, occasional, or one-time, whether they comment, link to this blog, mention it in theirs, or just look. I want to thank family, especially my daughters and a nephew, a couple of dozen or more persons associated with Southern Wesleyan University, some other bloggers, an individual from our church, and, I think, some people who don't fit in any of those categories. (If some of you commented or e-mailed, I'd know more about who you are!) I'm sorry that I flit from category to category so much, but it's my blog. That makes me even more grateful to you.

Thanks to other bloggers. As some readers know from personal experience, finding time, motivation, resources, and something to write/show on a regular basis isn't a casual occupation. Finding an audience isn't easy. I want to especially thank Bonnie, Catez, Julana, Kathryn, Joe, Jeremy, Ken, Kevin, Marla, Michele, Perry, and Rebecca, who have provided material worth reading or looking at on a consistent basis. Most of you have commented or e-mailed me, in some cases a lot, and I treasure our friendship. We don't always agree (if we did, one of us would be redundant).

Thanks to the over two dozen bloggers currently, or recently, associated with Southern Wesleyan University. Whether you are telling about your visits to your grandmother, how your sister plays music you can't stand, surviving the ice storm, recovering from athletic injuries, new ways to use a computer, how your job is going, how your classes are going, showing photos, or describing how your pregnancy is progressing, I thank you. Seeing some of what you are up to has made retirement so much easier. There are some of you who ought to consider long-time blogging for the wider world, not just your friends, on a consistent basis. Not because I suggest it, though!

Thanks to Microsoft, Corel, ZoneAlarm, etc., and to Blogger, Bloglines, Google, Flickr. Thanks to the Christian Carnival. Thanks to Slate, MSN, Arts and Letters Daily, the Librarian's Internet Index, Nature, Carl Zimmer, The Panda's Thumb, Sports Illustrated, Harper's and SciTech Daily. Thanks to some relatives, and to motels, and other institutions that have provided web access.

God bless you all!

Thanks for reading.


Julana said...

Thank you, and a Happy New Year to you, Martin!
I'm so glad I found your blog, through allthings2all.

I appreciate your notes about the connections with bloggers in your university community. I think that is one of the major potentials of blogs: to tie together church communities,neighborhoods, or groups of relatives.
(The only trade-off is the loss of some personal privacy, so you have to be careful what you share.)

I also think blogs provide a great opportunity for retired people to share the wisdom they have gained over the years. What a resource.

Thanks to your wife. :-)

Bonnie said...

Thank you, Martin, for your thoughtful blogging and commenting! Not to mention that you are the Link King as far as I'm concerned -- your blog is the best resource I know of for links to important articles.

Probably the best thing about blogging for me has been the finding of kindred spirits such as yourself, for which I am ever grateful.

Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your family!

Marla said...

I'm honored to be on your list, Martin. Your comments are always refreshing and I appreciate the humility that comes through everything you write. One of my unwritten resolutions (aspirations) is to make your blog a regular read. You have such varied interests and convictions, many of which I share.

Martin LaBar said...

Thank you so much, ladies. As to reading my blog regularly, Marla, I'm not sure I'd read it myself, if I hadn't written it!

Catez said...

Happy New year! Please forgive my lateness in saying Inappreciate being mentioned here. I have to agree with Bonnie that you provide some great links that I don't see elsewhere. I enjoy your posts very much - and this year I'm intending to spend more time reading blogs I like and less time being "busy". Thankyou to you too.

Martin LaBar said...

However late you are, readership, and especially comments, are appreciated. Thanks, Catez!