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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Proposed names for musical groups

For no particular reason, here are some proposed names for musical groups. Help yourself, if you need a name:

Fully Clothed Mole Rats

Trash Can Liners

Undersized Load


Charmless Quarks

Chartreuse Crush

Conversion Factors

Pounds per Kilometer

Abscessed Molars

Stupidity Teeth

Medium-sized Bang

Coalition of the Unwilling

Non-Garden Salad

Second Navel

Fifty Percent On

Three-way Traffic

Top-Secret Mulch

Excess Shortage

Vast Minority

Of course, being totally out of touch with popular music, one or all of these may be taken. I plead ignorance, and request that any infringement issues be directed to my lawyer.

No doubt you can come up with some better suggestions. Feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.


Keetha said...

OK - - - this is cracking me up. I read them out to Greg who said, "His brain has to be working all the time"

Happy New Year!!

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks to both of you. Enjoy the party!

Weekend Fisher said...

I once heard the suggestion "Free Beer". (Picture the sign in front of the venue where they're playing.) h/t Emma Bull, _War for the Oaks_ (a great read, btw).

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, weekend fisher.

Don said...

There actually was a band called "Free Beer." They figured it would be the phrase most likely to draw an audience.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Don. I'm not surprised.