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Saturday, January 19, 2008

"What Have You Changed Your Mind About?" pt. 4

I continue comments on Edge's "World Question" issue, which question is the same as my title. See the first part of this series, which gives some explanation, the second part and the third.

On this page of the issue, Lawrence Krauss explains why he has completely changed his views about cosmology, and why.

On the same page, Stephen Kosslyn writes about the interaction between genes and the environment:
. . . this stereo process — of computing depth on the basis of the disparities in where images strike the two retinas — depends on the distance between the eyes. And second, and this is absolutely critical, there's no way to know at the moment of conception how far apart a person's eyes are going to be, because that depends on bone growth — and bone growth depends partly on the mother's diet and partly on the infant's diet.

Also on the same page, Gary Klein has an essay on how firefighters make quick decisions about what to do.

The last essay on the page is about how Kevin Kelly, editor-at-large of Wired, has come to see that the Wikipedia is splendidly better than he had anticipated.

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