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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Examples of person-to-person evangelism in the New Testament

I have posted a web page, comparing seven different examples of personal evangelism in the New Testament. Since Blogger doesn't seem to allow tables, and a table seemed to be the most sensible way to prepare this, I'm not placing the material on this blog.

I haven't posted this, or the accompanying web page, because I'm a great personal evangelist. I'm not.

My conclusions:
1) There was no set pattern.
2) The evangelists were all spiritually prepared. The Holy Spirit had also clearly prepared at least some of the people they evangelized, as well.
3) Baptism and follow-up were important.
4) None of these conversations started by warning about sin, or by telling of God's love. These approaches may have their place, but weren't used in any of these cases.
5) All of these conversations were with strangers. It's probably important to get to know someone, and win their trust, before leading them into belief, but it wasn't necessary in any of these cases.

Thanks for reading.


codythomas said...

Great post! I really enjoyed your conclusions!

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Cody!

Tony said...


I think your analysis would also support my own belief that the Web is a significant medium for evangelism - ie in terms of meeting unexpected people. Indeed those you might not ever expect to meet. At Internet Evangelism Day we are offering resources to encourage Christians to use this medium.



Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Tony.

I'll check Internet Evangelism Day out.

Evangelism Coach said...

Thanks for posting that table. I started a series through acts looking at personal evangelism to see if I could find THE biblical pattern.

Your table is fantastic. I'll link to it.

Pastor Chris

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks, Evangelism Coach. The New Testament is what's fantastic.

BruceA said...

This is very interesting. One thing that struck me was that in the majority of these cases, the other person intiated or invited the conversation. Nicodemas came to Jesus; the Ethiopian eunuch asked for guidance; Cornelius sent for Peter because of a vision; the jailer asked Paul and Silas how he could be saved. I've posted some further thoughts, along with some additional examples that came to mind, on my own blog.

Thanks for such a thought-provoking chart and post!

Martin LaBar said...

April 18, 08: You are right, brucea.

Thanks for your comment.