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Friday, April 18, 2008

More on how we don't "Support our troops"

Reuters reports that a recent study indicates that about 18% of troops returning from Iraq or Afghanistan suffer serious emotional problems, which is bad enough. The really bad part is that about half of these don't receive any care for these problems. That's about 150,000 veterans needing and deserving care, but not getting it.

Once again, "support our troops," is a political slogan (used by persons of more than one political view) rather than a principle or policy. Whatever one thinks of the war, that would seem to be sad, bad, perhaps even hypocritical and cynical, on the part of the politicians.

A bipartisan group of U. S. Senators reacted to allegations that troops with war-related emotional problems have been discharged in such a way that they have been wrongly made ineligible for care by the Defense Department. (More on such charges, from a House member.) I don't know if these charges are true or not. I'm afraid that they are.

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Julana said...

If we could turn back time. . .

Martin LaBar said...

April 27, 2008. Yes. But we can't.