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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"What Have You Changed Your Mind About?" pt. 6

I continue, after a long hiatus, comments on Edge's "World Question" issue, which question is the same as my title. See the first part of this series, which gives some explanation. Part 5 is here.

In one of the pages of this issue, Oliver Morton has changed his mind about the scientific importance of human space flight.

George Church's essay is about faith in science, and, which is a rarity in the issue, he also mentions religious faith. This is on the same page.

Two other essays that deal with faith are on the same page. Patrick Bateson's essay is about his "coming out" as an atheist, and Alan Alda's is about how he has not seen any evidence that there isn't a God (or that there is).

Also on the same page, Jonathan Haidt says that he has come to realize that team activities, such as sports, are really beneficial to the participants. Stephen Pinker argues that humans will continue to evolve.

Paul Davies says that he is not satisfied with the idea that the laws of physics just are what they are. He understands that they are extremely well-suited for the existence of life, and wonders why. He doesn't have a full explanation. (See Anthropic Principle.)

Thanks for reading.

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