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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunspots 156

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

From David Heddle, practicing scientist: "I tell anyone who cares to ask either at the national lab I work at or at my university where I teach physics that I think the universe was intelligently designed by God. In fact, I have had many such discussions." Then, he goes on to indicate why he is unhappy with the Intelligent Design movement. (As am I .)

Carl Zimmer on how a species of clams comes from the sperm, not the egg. (You read that right!)

The film, Expelled, arguing that Intelligent Design should be taught in the public schools as a scientific alternative to evolution (I have not seen it, and probably won't) gets a bad review from Fox News. Variety didn't think much of it, either. New Scientist says: "Ultimately, the Discovery Institute's support may be the film's undoing. The institute has argued long and hard that ID is not about religion, yet in the film the connections are explicit. If challenged on this, the institute may have to distance itself from the film, discrediting Expelled in the process."

Whether you vote for him or not, here's a great story about John McCain and Mo Udall , Arizona politicians, one Republican, one Democrat, from back when McCain wasn't running for President.

Slate on the peculiarities of musical instruments, and also the people who make them, and perform on them.

Wired show us that someone at MIT has figured out how to turn computer virus attacks into works of art.

April 27 is Internet Evangelism Day.

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