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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God and chance

I wasn't supposed to be posting, but found something too good to pass up on, and that should be passed on.

Uncommon Descent (which I haven't been reading) is an Intelligent Design blog, and someone posting there apparently said that anyone who argues that God may have used evolutionary processes in making living things to be the way they are is a "spineless appeaser." Stephen Matheson posted a response, which includes the following:
2. I'm astonished by the casual claim that "Darwinian evolution" is "out of God's control" because of the role of "chance." Leaving aside some pretty clear statements about chance and God's providence in Scripture, I find the statement to be either a tautology ("Darwinian evolution is out of God's control because Darwin/Dawkins said it was") or a pronouncement regarding God's sovereignty that is anathema to me as a Christian (and especially as a Reformed Christian). In grumpier moods, or after reading some of the more obnoxious comments on this blog, I would suggest that such talk approaches blasphemy, but in any case I would not count myself among Christians who talk that way about God's world and his work. It's one thing to say you don't buy the Darwinian explanation, or to say that you're confused about the working of God's purposes in the midst of seemingly random events; it's another to declare that there are processes that God can't "control."


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