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Saturday, February 14, 2009

George MacDonald on true love

red heart, from leaf

The photo above is a section of a Sweetgum Liquidambar leaf, cut out in the shape of a heart. See here for the original photo.

Here, also, is a quotation from George MacDonald, on true love:
And lo! a shadowy face bent over him, whence love unutterable was falling in floods, from eyes deep, and dark, and still, as the heavens that are above the clouds, Great waves of hair streamed back from a noble head, and floated on the tides of the tempest. The face was like his mother's and like his father's, and like a face that he had seen somewhere in a picture, but far more beautiful and strong and loving than all. Adela Cathcart, 1864, Public Domain.

The face, as it were dripping "love unutterable," is, of course, the face of Christ.

Thanks for reading.


Keetha said...

How did you ever get the idea of cutting a heart out of a leaf??? I LOVE it.

Martin LaBar said...

I got the idea from a Flickr person, who makes almost everything into a heart.

There's a feature in Corel Draw that makes it easy to use basically any shape as a cookie cutter. Not many people have Corel Draw, but there are probably other vector drawing programs that will do this.


Anonymous said...

dang, I was hoping for another post on mating beetles. oh well, maybe next year.

Martin LaBar said...

Sorry. That's not love, or even lust, I don't think, just built-in reflex responses kicking in. (Not that that doesn't ever happen with people, too . . .)

For anyone who wants to see a photo of bugs (true bugs) copulating, and a short video of the same, the post superrustyfly refers to is here.

Thanks, superrustyfly.

Julana said...

I wish I had time to read all George MacDonald's books.

Martin LaBar said...

I'm not sure about all of them. Some are pretty dated, I guess.

I'd start with _The Golden Key_, I think, or _Diary of an old soul_. The first is short, and easy to read, although there seem to be some are meanings there that I'm not sure I have grasped. I have grasped enough. The _Diary_ is devotional. One entry a day would be good. I posted on the book for a whole year, with the last post here