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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynne Jones

I recently read (finally) a book by Diana Wynne Jones. Jones has a long career of writing, mostly fantastic literature for young people, including Howl's Moving Castle and others. (Thanks to a daughter, I have seen the film based on Howl's Moving Castle, which was pretty good.)

The book I read was The Homeward Bounders. See Wikipedia article for plot and other information.

I'll actually say little about the book, except for this:

1) The book is about wandering, mostly involuntary wandering. It includes The Wandering Jew and The Flying Dutchman, both legendary wanderers, as minor characters.
2) Prometheus, although not named, is also a character. From these two items, we see that Wynne Jones writes large, as it were.
3) The premise of the book, travel from world to world, trying to get home, uses the Many Worlds idea of current physics (which has not been proved, or disproved, experimentally). That, alone, would make it interesting to me, provided that the book was at least decently written. It was. (The His Dark Materials books, by Philip Pullman, also use this idea.) Besides the notion of going from world to world, war gaming also permeates the setting of the book.
4) There is little overt religion, of any kind, in the book.

Thanks for reading.

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