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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sunspots 205

Things I have recently spotted that may be of interest to someone else:

Wired reports on an asteroid that was tracked on a collision course with earth, from the neighborhood of Saturn.

Wired also reports on evidence, including a photo, that our ancient ancestors may have cared for a handicapped child for a long time.

Frank DeFord, of NPR, rejoices that four highly paid sports bad guys were cut from their teams, in spite of their talent.

(or something) e! science reports that graduate school students have not had sufficient education as to what constitutes plagiarism. I suspect that the problem is much more fundamental than that.

Image source (public domain)


Julana said...

I do wonder how some of these scientists come to their conclusions, but interesting to think about.

Martin LaBar said...

In this case, the evidence was a fossil skull, which, they said, showed evidence of a problem over an extended period.