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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Water calligraphy, continued

In a previous post, using a photo of a man writing on the pavement with water (that's not a typo) from a Chinese Flickr contact of mine, I mused about the impermanence of what we do, including what I write in this blog.

I also indicated that some things, especially the redeemed human soul, are eternal. I indicated, also, that some artistic expressions, such as the poetry of John Keats, make an impression for a long time. I consider blogging, and photography, to be artistic expressions. (Sometimes not very high class art!)

There were (for me) a flurry of comments, and I am grateful. One was as follows:

'writing in water' - beautiful metaphor for the brevity of life and the impermanence of our lives and actions on earth. Yet in a way I take issue with it.
By violet

I e-mailed Violet, asking her how she disagreed, and she was gracious enough to respond. I haven't asked her for permission to quote her remarks, but I'll paraphrase them like this:

You never know what eternal good you may do. Jesus commanded us to offer a drink of water unselfishly to those who need one, and said that that act was worthy of an eternal reward. (Matthew 10:42) So do good, including blogging, believing that what you do is part of God's plan for the world. It may affect others in ways you don't know about.

I agree. Thanks, Violet.

We'll be travelling for the next few days, and I don't expect to post, or comment on your blogs, as much.

He is risen! Thanks for reading.


jel said...

Hi Martin, have a safe trip,

take care

violet said...

Martin, you certainly have my permission, though you rephrased very well! And, btw, I think your blog is having more effect than water calligraphy!

Blessings on your trip!

cwv warrior said...

Happy Easter! I just came across your comment on my blog as I looked back at my first post! You were so kind to leave my first comment! I agree with Violet, (my mother's name, who turns 92 today, BTW!) the unseen history is hopefully way more exciting than what we see as we plug along!

Julana said...

I suppose that's how we should base our choices of how to spend our time, on how long the value of the deeds will last.