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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some of my Bible study posts: Four years of blogging

This week, God willing, is my fourth blogiversary. In this post, I am linking to some of my most important Bible study posts from that period. These are typically more Bible than anything else, often giving a number of Bible verses on a particular topic.

I believe that Prayer in the New Testament is the most important of these.

There have been some posts related to plants. These include:
Trees in the Bible

Pomegranates in the Bible

Figs in the Bible

Other posts:
Christ as the light

What the Bible says about light

The sea as a symbol of evil

Baskets in the Bible

The word, "hymn" in the Bible

People, especially Lazarus, who were raised to life

Cases where people married, or at least had children by, their relatives

Salt as used in the Old Testament offerings

Play in the Bible

Grace in the Bible

On false witness and lying

Abishag, a woman in the Old Testament

What the Bible says about tattoos

Some thoughts on music in worship

Thanks for reading any or all of these posts, and this one!

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