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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Good for Stan Van Gundy!

Stan Van Gundy, who has been coach of the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association, resigned, for family reasons. Good for him!

Van Gundy has four children, the oldest a 14-year-old daughter. According to news reports, he had calculated that he would see them for less than 50 days out of a 170-day season, and that, said Van Gundy, just wasn't enough.

I'm afraid this kind of thing doesn't happen often enough, and it's not just professional coaching where it doesn't. The most important thing I ever did was to help my wife raise our kids.


Leah Beaver said...

Dr Labar,
If you are not too busy this week, is there any way you could tutor me/help me prepare for my physics final? (It is Saturday) If that's possible please email me at It would help me so much! Thanks!

Amber B. said...

Dad, I just want to say, and I don't mind "publicly identifying"/linking myself to this statement, Thank you! If the high priority you put on raising us was one of your most important acts, it was one of the greatest gifts we have ever received as well. You are a good man. If Steve Van Gundy's children are half as blessed in their parents as we, your children, have been blessed in our's, they will still find their cup to be overflowing.

buckblog said...

If you have closely followed the Stan Van Gundy and Pat Riley saga you may discover the resignation has more to do with Pat Riley than Stan Van Gundy. Its quite common for coaches, politicians and businessmen to resign citing their desire to spend more time with their family when the real reason is something else.

Sorry to throw cold water on this. Perhaps it is exactly as Stan Van Gundy said it is and in that case I would join the kudos

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for commenting, Leah. I'm sorry, but I doubt I can help, as I am now in Southern California.

Thanks, Amber! God knows our failings as parents.

Buckblog: Thanks for the comment. I know that what you say is true all too often, but I'm an optimist, and hope that Mr. Van Gundy resigned for the reasons he said he did.

Anonymous said...

One of my most important goals in life is that I will always keep my family above everything else. It is amazing how strange it sounds that a man would resign from work to be with his family! It tells you how badly we have been doing in terms of placing our families first, as men. I pray that it will never feel strange that I leave whatever high profile job for the sake of my family.

Martin LaBar said...

You're right, Pete.

Thanks for reading, and commenting.