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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Plants and Christmas

Poinsettia on utility pole
This photo is of a poinsettia plant, in Southern California. The red things aren't petals, they are modified leaves, or bracts. The actual flowers are the smaller yellow structures. This particular branch is part of a plant that is at least 10 feet tall. It is not twining around the utility pole, it just happens to be growing in front of it. (Note the branch behind the bracts on the lower right.) To see more of our photos, or a larger size of this one, click on the photo. You will be taken to our Flickr photos. No password is needed, and you won't be besieged by pop-up ads.

A number of plants are associated with Christmas. One web page that deals with that subject is here.

God's best at Christmas time.

Thanks for reading, and looking.


Bonnie said...

Cool! I've never known poinsettias that weren't growing in a pot :-). Thanks for an educational look at an interesting plant!

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for reading!