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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Happy Birthday, brother

Happy Birthday to my brother. Here's a bit of a tribute.

He knows who he is (so far -- so do I -- so far). I've got two other brothers, just as deserving of tributes, to say nothing of our four wives, who deserve tributes more than we. There are also my wife's brothers, and their wives, each deserving, too, but it's his birthday.

He's a good man.

He's a good father. He and his wife have raised three sons, who are a credit to them. God willing, in a week, all three of them will be married, to good women who are also a credit to my brother, and to themselves. Although there have probably been some slips, maybe some serious ones, and there have certainly been some falls, and problems, all three young men are now, or will, fill respectable positions in this life, and all, I believe, are followers of Christ. A father could ask for little else.

He's a good farmer. At a time when farms (haven't they always) are the center of various kinds of storms, he goes out there and works hard, feeding the rest of us, helping cut down on the trade deficit, and doing something useful. He could have retired by now, but he likes farming, and does it well.

He's a churchman. He and his wife have been members of a small church for years, holding various offices, and weathering a storm or two. They've been loyal and faithful. He's a good Sunday School teacher. He has used his talents in God's service, in many ways.

He's a military man, retired. Although he was never called on to serve the rest of us overseas, he did service during the Cold War, sitting in silos, waiting for the President to call, or working as an administrator, or teaching in one of the service academies.

He's a good son. My parents moved near him and his wife over twenty years ago, and he and she have had a lot of responsibility that I haven't.

He's a good brother. He remembers to send greetings, hosts us when we come to the area where he lives, and loves his nephews and nieces. He also roomed with two of his brothers (not at the same time) while in college, which required special grace, no doubt. He was best man for two of our weddings.

God's best, brother, on your 66th birthday!

I try not to identify living private persons on this blog, unless they have publicly identified themselves, although I may have violated that rule yesterday.

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