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Friday, December 02, 2005

A tribute to a military wife

I don't expect her to see this, and I'm not naming her, but she (and, no doubt, many other military spouses) deserves a tribute. I know that whether war can be just at all, and whether this particular one is, are subject to debate. I'm leaving that aside.

She came to SWU from a place far away. She was a good student, and graduated, then went back to her home area. Eventually, she married, and her husband was sent to Iraq, from a military base a couple of time zones from the rest of her family. He is now about to finish his second tour of duty. While he has been gone, She has raised three children, the youngest of which has yet to see his father, and, somehow, taken the oldest to school, gone to the doctor, etc., all the little things that have to be done, all by herself. God bless her, her children, and her husband.

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Brandy said...

I didn't think the Dead Sea explanation was in the Bible either. Thanks for confirming! It is kind of a neat explanation though. Maybe the way God destroyed the cities even explains why the Dead Sea is so far under sea level (??).